But they have that countdown clock!

Today, the Columbia Journalism Review reminds us of Jon Stewart’s devastating takedown of CNN (as a follow up on a previous one, wherein CNN ‘fact checked’ Saturday Night Live. The context was a column about Howard Kurtz (MediaWhore-CNN;WaPost) who utterly fails in his purported area of expertise. Which inevitably led to CNN itself, the larger media . . . you get the picture.

They note that  “Into this vacuum has stepped Jon Stewart. Young people have embraced his show precisely because he’s willing to take on cable news in a way our top media reporters are not.”

2 responses to “But they have that countdown clock!

  1. Just got home late from LA, but you made me laugh out loud. Candygrams!!!!! Remember the pencils with the sharks in the Christmas stockings. I know that’s not the point of your post, but thank you for the sweet memory of both SNL and Christmas’s past. Go John . Go Moe.


    • The best part of that video is that it’s from FOX which means that their audience was exposed to the death rays from The Daily Show. (In fairness, the anchor’s laughing was real.)


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