Awful news

Shit. American soldiers dying in double digits today in Afghanistan. Also three DEA agents. This is going to be awful enough. Dear god, do we really believe that we can address the drug problem in the heroin capital of the friggin’ planet? If that’s part of the plan, we’ll never ever get out of there and thousands more will die. I am saddened and fearful.

Another word on drug enforcement – we are spread across the entire western hemisphere fighting other people’s wars right now. And in 40 years, it’s only gotten worse. Just stop it.

UPDATE: CNN tells me DEA is  all over the world and has been for years. So the failures are more glaring. And by the way, it’s not failure of the agency itself. It’s the failure of a nation to find the political will to come to terms with the fact that drugs and users will always be with us no matter what is done. And leaving the control of it in the hands of criminals is, in itself, criminal. Regulated de-crimilization with strong sentences for violations would be beneficial to us in more ways than even I can count on a particularly wordy day – from fewer crimes, fewer prisons, police freed up to attend to other matters, healthier children, less fear in the inner cities. Obviously any steps we take will never cure it all. But this one is a no brainer and the political class is just afraid to deal with it.

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