Mmmm, that was good

Just watched ENDGAME on PBS’ Masterpiece Contemporary – 90 minute drama about the mostly unknown behind-the-scenes negotiations that led to the official start of South Africa’s negotiations between President DeClerk and the African National Congress. The production was focused on those early negotiations, and it was wonderful. And beautifully acted, tightly directed and full of dramatic tension. And,  of courses, very emotional, especially at the end. Wonderful,  just wonderful. And William Hurt with a South African accent is most entertaining.

The best part – the updates after the drama ended, telling us  where all these people went etc. They noted that when IRA in Ireland wanted to enter into talks with Britain, they turned to the ANC for counsel. And today, the IRA is counseling Hamas on how to go forward with their negotiations. Great examples of  ‘paying it forward’.

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