Had to happen

Word today that Hulu logois saying they will probably begin charging for content in 2010. And I’ve barely discovered how to get the good stuff. So long as the networks themselves don’t charge . . . but of course they eventually will. They will have to. Revenue has to come from somewhere.

8 responses to “Had to happen

  1. Nope. Television revenues are fully derived from advertising sales and, even in this climate, are still vastly profitable.

    Indeed, the local broadcast units of the major media companies are the cash cows of those conglomerates.


    • Then I’ll start worrying about print instead! Mags and newspapers charges for content are already underway. The new model I’m hearing about is less ‘subscription’ ala the Wall St Journal, and more like a micro charge to your ‘account’ each time you use a site. However it all shakes out, I imagine changes are comin’.


  2. Yeah, both traditional print and web-based media are where the reader / user charges are gong to hit and/or hit harder.


  3. The Energy and Commerce Committee has attached net neutrality and open access mandates to the almost $3 billion in grants and loans for the new network build-outs to make broadband accessible for supposedly under-served and rural areas.

    While formal legislation mandating net neutrality probably won’t happen – it’s already died in committee in the Senate twice – it will become defacto practice due to the FCC, at least for the near-term future.

    That’s my “guesstimate” at least.


    • That’s very good news. I knew you’d know. Let us hope it passes out of congress as a very robust piece of legislation. This’ll really piss off the media giants. Which is a good thing.


      • I think you mistake my meaning. I don’t think it will pass through Congress at all. I just think that the FCC – i.e. the Executive – will tie to various funding projects and backdoor it into effect.

        This is easier but less persistent than legislative action would be – and also less pervasive, since it wouldn’t affect companies not requesting funding.


        • I agree that legislative action is by far the better choice and the most lasting.

          If the FCC is looking to step into the interim, at least it signals the administration is on the side of the interwebs on this one.

          Fingers firmly crossed.


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