Good morning

poppies2This is the tenth hour

of the sixteenth day

of the ninth year

of the War in Afghanistan

5 responses to “Good morning

  1. It’s probably just me but this is getting old. So’s the war but I don’t see how this helps. Does it ever get any comments?


    • It’s not meant to help. It’s called bearing witness. And I won’t stop until the war ends. And that is likely to be years. So you’ll have to live with it.


    • May I add, that I may minimize the size and/or drop the pix, but count goes on. And on. And on.


    • Another thought (I am thinking out loud here with you) would be to format it entirely differently. Perhaps a countdown clock in the right hand column, in which case it would be automatic. See, I’m not ignoring your input.


  2. Thanks as I hate to be ignored. Also I think the space might be used for issues where some impact might be felt such as the off-shore drilling debate that is currently onsuming our local legislators. Nancy Detert needs to know that we do NOT want drilling in the gulf.


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