There. All legal now.

Took my ancient father to a  dermatologist today – a guy he’s seen for years. There is to be a biopsy. For this, because it it so for anytime they approach a patient with anything resembling a needle, a ‘consent form is required’. Two, in fact. And require that he sign both. And  I say let me sign for him, he is blind. I do it all the time. And they say, do you have power of attorney. And I said, no, but I”m his daughter and I”ve been here with him many times. And that a [my name] for [his name] should do it. (Hello! You know me!) Uh, uh. Not good enough. He must be the one. So with great difficulty, he produces some totally unintelligible marks on a page, in the wrong place. And they accept that.

A few moments later, I say that I don’t imagine its’ exactly legal when someone signs something they are unable to read, and suggested they might want to get new blank forms and read all three pages of small type to him before he scratches again.

And  that is why I piss people off .

2 responses to “There. All legal now.

  1. Shame on you. Those girls wouldn’t possibly know how to handle your objections.
    Here’s a medical news flash! Gene normally gets EPO shots every month sometimes more, sometimes less often. Covered by Medicare in the past because his bone marrow does not produce enough red blood cells. Not anymore. Now the less fortunate who can’t pay $550.00 a shot will have to wait until they are desperate and get a blood transfusion. For this Medicare is willing to pay. It will be enormously more expensive and carries with it the possible hazards of all transfusions which might entail more costs. We were told by the hemotologist in LA this morning that blood transfusions are up 35% since the recent ruling.Go figure.


    • I assure you I let the office ladies in on the joke. They were not offended. A little artistic license you know. I heard from Dad’s audiologiest the other day that there is a procedure just short of cochlear implants – costs about 15K. Medicare covers it. But they don’t cover hearing aids. One seventh the cost. Private insurance companies exactly the same.

      I am sure we are insane.


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