This week’s happy surprise

Turns out you can return mattresses! Who knew? I went to the local big huge mattress store because they have everything and take the old bed away when they deliver and set up the new one. Did my homework and shopping on line. Consumer Reports does not rate mattresses, so that makes it all a bit more difficult. They have a twenty thousand page explanation of why they don’t. So I just moved on.

Now most of us don’t buy mattresses more than once in a decade. Sometimes much longer. So it’s not like I had a clue image00111going in what was right for me. I had some price, quality info, but that’s only an elimination round. The hard part is next. Pick the damn mattress.

And I picked wrong. And they delivered it and set it up and I slept on it and it was wrong, wrong, wrong and did I mention, wrong. This is a lot of money, so what to do? I choose to stress out to an intolerable level for some hours. And finally in a rush of bravery went back to the store and asked “what happens when someone has bought the wrong mattress”. (With that mysterious tag and all, I assumed mattresses were like bathing suits – it’s a felony if you try to return after use.)

And they said “happens all the time.” And I choose another and they came out and switched it all out and I love my new mattress. Humanity has redeemed itself.

4 responses to “This week’s happy surprise

  1. we’ll make you a shopper yet.


  2. You’ve abated my fear Moe! I’ve been thinking about a new mattress for a long time and I just needed a lead to follow! 🙂


    • Glad to be of assistance Steve. A warning to you: Box springs these days are double the depth they used to be and that can be a problem if 1) you are less than 6 feet tall; 2) your bed is low and the headboard will be buried. You can bring this up and specify a different box spring.


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