monkey imagesI seem to have just deleted about six posts – some of which I was rather proud.  I’m now trying to find them  on Google and see if there’s a cache so I can restore. Don’t even remember all the titles! Dammit!

One was called ‘Sound and fury, signifying nothing’  linking to  and talking about a recent David Brooks column. And how little actual effect talk radio and the Becks have on elections. His column is here. Pretty damn good column.

One was called ‘Breakin’ up is hard to do’ and was about my slavish devotion to WordPerfect. FOUND CACHE. SHALL RESTORE!  Update: Well, this one appears not to have been deleted at all. And of course, cuz it’s the only one I’ve found cached so far.

One was about Letterman. I remember that one:

Letterman was single. Clinton was married. Next?

A few long ones about McCrystal and a column by Walter Pincus. And one about comments by Sec. Gates.

One called “We’re Democratics dammit” in which I brilliantly take media and national Dems to task for failing to respond to the constant and intentional insult (don’t get why it’s an insult) of calling the Democratic party the Democrat party. Something to do with ‘rat’??

And one called ‘Adding to the charm’. I have no idea what that one was about.

The one called ‘Snap me out of it’ said something like: I wanted to do more than politics here. Not going so  well.

god hates fagsThe one I’d most like to find was called ‘Those durn Apostles’ and was about a conservative christian project to ‘retranslate the Bible’  from the original because apparently it’s too liberal. I opined that since it’s unlikely that any of the scholars involved are likey to speak Aramic that perhaps they could get some help from Mel Gibson. Liked the artwork too.

And there was another about a story in the Washington Times. Yes, The Washington Times. If I can’t find a cache I’ll post the link here.

Oh yes, one more about how pleased I was to have Comcast coming to my house again today. That was ‘My pal Comcast’.

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