Not really a mystery

A favorite, tiresome complaint of conservatives – always delivered with an indignant tone – laments the liberal bias in journalism, the arts, universities education etc.

Let us stipulate; it is so. Why argue it; as long as we add that there is a conservative bias among CEO’s,  members of the Chamber of Commerce, small business owners, and those in all financial industries.

(And as usual, liberals will continue to fail in positing this other truth. They will deny or defend. I would like to complain about THAT. )

There are reasons for these differences and fer god’s sake, they are apparent to any who bother looking – conservatives pursue profit, liberals pursue learning and human potential.

A simple, but not simplistic, explanation. Liberals are attracted to the liberal arts. Conservative are not. Liberals always have questions and look for answers. About all sorts of things that confront human beings. The professions they dominate offer mostly modest earnings. These people are not looking to get rich; they are pursuing their passions.

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