He can’t help himself

The Daily Rush_Page_1Remarkable man, our Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach (I think that came from Charlie Pierce – the ‘of Palm Beach’ part).

Psychiatrist, economist, climatologist, biologist, sociologist, physicist, criminologist, lawyer, constitutional scholar, historian – yes, all these things reside in the wonder that is our Mr. Boucy-Bouncy. The author of the 15,000 hour rant. A marvel to behold.

But above all – and because his extensive expertise permits him – he is a judge.  A judge – unafraid to confront what needs confronting, so all-knowing as to need no evidence.  Anxious to get to the sentencing part!

He has maintained his seat on the high bench for yo these many years. Unchallenged, unmatched. But I listened a bit today and I thought – has the guy begun to jump the shark at last ? ? ?

UPDATE: The phrase, “Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach” did not originate with Charles Pierce, although I consider my error totally forgivable since it SOUNDS like Charles Pierce. The phrase comes from Rod Dreher which I should have known since I cited his quote earlier.

9 responses to “He can’t help himself

  1. He seems to be holding his own. Though he’s not near as bad as the guy on the other end of the spectrum…Keith Olbermann;
    now there’s a lunatic!


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