Good for them

AMEDSX3CANGI3APCA63P9HGCAB1R9YVCAA3UPXLCANQZ2YXCA1U8VH5CA2XK6L6CAMS29MMCA69I16MCASJ8BDICADC92WSCA0WK15MCAKGV47CCA883NK8CAD3BYOVCAG4Z12ECA0A03K4CA21NSN6CARYQTF5Some companies do act in the best interests of the public good: According to McClatchy today, some large utility companies aren’t liking the stance on climate change being taken by the US Chamber of Commerce.

From the story:

Exelon, the nation’s biggest operator of nuclear power plants, said Monday that it’s quitting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the business group’s lobbying against climate and energy legislation.

Last week, two other large energy companies, Pacific Gas and Electric and PNM Resources, also quit the Chamber over objections to its stance on climate change.

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