I know no one wants to talk about it any more

iraqBut soldiers continue to die. And other people too. This wonderful resource, icasualties.org, is so essential that in my own time visiting it – since April ’01 – it has experienced a few server crashes. Traffic gets heavy. In fact, at present they are trying to recover from a huge crash and are slowly rebuilding. But even in its somewhat more slender form, it continues to do the very best job that can be done in tracking the statistical picture in America’s two current wars.

Over the last few years, they’ve expanded into something of a ‘headline service’ as well. Here are a few from today, September 27. These are just today. Reporting goes on – it just doesn’t seem to have much reach.

Wartime Soldier, Conflicted Mom

Can Former Iraqi Baathists in Syria Ever Go Home?

Christian doctor kidnapped near Mosul

Roadside bomb wounds two policemen in northern Mosul

Gunmen kill off-duty policeman in central Mosul

Suicide car bomber kills three policemen, wounds eight near Ramadi

3 responses to “I know no one wants to talk about it any more

  1. Michelle Reynolds

    I was on google images and a photo came up with this websites information. It is a picture of a soldier squatting down with his hand over his face while, his other hand is on some sort of a ledge with a bunch of boots in a line. Another man is consoling this soldier by putting his hand on the soldier’s shoulder who is squatting down.
    Long story short my class made a collage of the affects of war on soldiers and this is one of the pics in the collage. I have a parent who came to my class yesterday and said that this picture is him. He was wondering how I got the pic. I am thinking what are the odds. How do we find out who the soldeir is in the pic? Or where the photo and when it was taken?


    • Hello Michelle – sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Been unbloggy and occupied with other stuff. Anyway, the picture. I got it the same way you came across it by googling. By the way, I have an Afghanistan ‘category’ on the blog and there are dozens of posts, many of them accompanied by pix like that one.

      Meanwhile, I’ll poke around a bit in my files and see if I can find any info for you.

      What an amazing story. Simply remarkable.


  2. Michelle – Take a look here:
    That post says it’s a screen shot from this video:

    Maybe your soldier friend can get a clue from these. Hope so.


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