Blog readers are fickle

So eye strain or not, I had better be sure to keep those daily posts coming. Big dive in visitors over weekend. Nevertheless, I’m stunned to report 993 visits to date. That is the smallest of change of course, but I am the newest of bloggers and have yet to explore how one drives traffic. Shands clappingo, good news and bad news.  And that is life. And so – as I require positive reinforcement and someone must do it – kudos to me. 993 visits. Goal is now to speed things up; it took three weeks to get that number and most of them are no doubt friends and family. Defined goal? The second thousand in TWO weeks.

3 responses to “Blog readers are fickle

  1. Well, I for one, have visited your blog everday, little lady; and I’m honored to be part of the 993 hits. And I do forgive you for being liberal; he heee!!! 😉


    • Hey Steve – I just put up the ‘gravatar’ thing in my right hand column and now see pix is too big and I want to flop it or move it to the left. Do you know how I do that?


  2. Hmmmm…..I think you can change the size….but geez Moe…I can’t rememer where to do it. Different appearance themes have different features, and I’m not sure what you can do with your current theme.


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