Uh oh, here comes the lazy again

PC060016It’s been the oddest of weeks and it began on Saturday morning. People have gotten sick, people have died and people have struggled with these things. People will gather tomorrow and again they will gather on Monday. And then, please god, the offenses will be over for a while.

And Tom DeLay dances again tonight on the teevee. I will skip it. Was planning to catch up on my reading at Iraq casualties dot org, but their site crashed (today?). Apparently the world shares my happy mood tonight.

4 responses to “Uh oh, here comes the lazy again

  1. Oh come on Moe! You don’t want to see Tom DeLay dance??? he heee!!!
    Starting a new book tonite “Skin” (no! not porn!!! ;)) by Ted Dekker. Gotta keep on reading! Anyway, have a good evening…and I’m in a happy enough mood.


  2. The oddest of weeks…babyshowers, funerals and memories blasting through the mind…health care beging debated in our congress, leaders taking chances, people struggling to get their bills paid. Life moves forward…and yet the Buddha just keeps sitting and watching.


  3. I love you Mo, Mo.


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