Ah yes, the rest of the story

Little Green Footballs tells us that the ACORN couple who were videotaped? They listened to the “pimp” and the “prostitute” and next day one of the ACORN staffers contacted the authorities to report possible human trafficking. I expect the Drudges of this world to report only part of the story but dear lord, why can’t NBC or CNN or any of these operations with a gajillion staffers ferret out the ‘rest of the story’? The ACORN staffer of course was fired anyway. Someone always has to take the fall.

7 responses to “Ah yes, the rest of the story

  1. I dunno about this one Moe…I have the tendency to think, if it took the guy two days to say anything, that he was trying to cover his a$$.
    One thing for sure is NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc…basically let the entire story ‘slip’ by them.


    • Agree about the two days – but I tend to read these things differently. I think the guy was frightened. And I don’t know about the other person. Maybe they just agreed that one would speak for both. In any case, what does it really matter – whatever the size of ACORN (and I never even heard of them till this election even though they’ve apparently been around for 50 years), these anecdotes are just that. They cannot be representative of an entire organization. Any more than a ‘few bad apples’ at Abu Gahraib were representative of the Military.

      And MSNBC is where I saw the original ACORN video. They too had it entirely out of context – didn’t bother to report or follow up that it had been reported to authorities by one of the workers.


  2. Oh, I sincerely don’t think these few incidents are representative of the entire organization. I’m sure there are many in ACORN that are genuinely there to do the right thing for less fortunate folks, and if that’s the case, and ACORN can recover from some of this unsavory behavior by some, then that’s okay for me.


  3. Isn’t this a case where the “bad apples” defense used so often by apologists for systemic corporate misconduct would actually apply?


    • Of course it would. Especially if it rose to the level of ‘corruption’ – this was simply stupid behavior and no one made a dime off it. BUT – to many out there it’s the greatest threat to the republic ever. (not you Steve)


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