so old, it’s new

Some years ago, Bush announced plans to build a missile shield in Eastern Europe to protect – well, I’m not sure who it was supposed to protect or against what. There was the usual talk of  Iran. And now apparently Russia, the toothless bear, is after us again. Western Europeans, in whose back yard these whatevers were going to be installed/built didn’t much like the idea; they were pretty sure it made them a nice plump target for whoever was doing the targeting. And now, the president-who-is-not-Bush has decided the damn thing makes no sense whatever.  Drudge has gotten the real story into circulation – we have abandoned Europe. That they are pretty pleased has nothing to do with it.

7 responses to “so old, it’s new

  1. I’m all for a missile defense shield. Seems if Russia accidentally launched a missile at us and it blew up a US (or European) city, it would touch off WWIII. Seems a missile shield would prevent that. Supposedly the Russians worry that while no missile shield would stop a full blown attack, it could, however, stop retaliation. Even still I’d like to see some agreement come to for providing a missile shield, even if it meant a Russian anti missile battery in South America.


    • It now appears there was a deal. We take down the shield plan; Russia helps with Iran. Stay tuned. And I just realized today that your comments were awaiting approval from me. Still learning here Martin.


  2. Here’s something completely different for you to enjoy!


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