Tired of stupid moves

x83137466167475354Why do we still have a CIA?  They are bunglers and have done astonishing and illegal things to American citizens. They are sadly inept, often incompetent and on occasion delusional – frequently with disastrous results. They missed the Iranian revolution in ’79.  They completely missed the collapse of communism in ’89. They missed what direction the  Afghan warriors and the Taliban would take in the late 80’s after the we followed the Soviets out of town. They knew absolutely that Saddam had weapons of mass destruciton. The Bay of Pigs would liberate Cuba in ’62. Iran would never be a liberal democracy unless we removed their democratically elected leftist President in ’53. They also missed a little event in September of ’01. And my personal favorite – they made Guatemala safe for United Fruit. The CIA has been the shinny, expensive vehicle we’ve riden for half a century to bring real democracy to the rest of the world. All too often, and especially in the beginning, it was a toy of the lads who came out of Groton and Yale ready to be ‘real men’. And they were naive and ignorant of the world. But they had bright ideas and sparkling toys that dazzled the weary lawmakers. They convinced Presidents that they were IT, and regularly lied to those very Presidents. None of us knows how many trillions they’ve cost us. How can this make any sense at all?  But, but,  but . . . universal health care is communism!

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  2. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might enjoy the following book by a professor at the National Defense University who spent 17 years as an analyst at the CIA. It is “Sharpening Strategic Intelligence – Why the CIA gets it Wrong and What needs to be Done to Get It Right.” by Richard L. Russell.


    • Just doing some housework on the blog, and realize that I never replied to your comment of Sept. 21. And Lord knows I”m way too new to be cavalier about guests!

      And, in a remarkable coincidence, just today I started reading James Risen’s STATE OF WAR: The Secret History of the CIA and Bush Admin. I’m no fan of hte Bush admin, but my interest here is the CIA. And I’ll put your recommendation next!


  3. Thanks a bunch. I’m a voracious reader and will check it out.


  4. Not to worry about the CIA any more Moe. Obama and company have them in control.


  5. I wish he had them in control; sadly no sign of that yet. Just the usual cosmetics. Part of the problem is that no matter what, the CIA carries on. They’re kind of like Castro – outliving presidents, one at a time.


  6. Here’s another example why I’m against the federal government taking over health care. If they can’t get foreign intelligence right, how do you expect them to get health care right. Seems whatever we were doing for intelligence before 1941 is better than the CIA.


    • We were doing practically nothing. Problem with CIA, unlike health care, is they don’t know what the goal is; they don’t seem to know what the target is.


  7. According to a recent lecture I heard on the Cold War, the CIA has done many bad things, especially in South America.

    An old saying, “good intent paves the way to hell”.


    • Their fiddling in Latin America changed the face of that continent for decades – and for the worse. Chile will probably never forgive us – and they’re the most develped democracy down there. Ditto Iran 1953. There probably would be no Shiite fundamentalist culture had we let their democracy develop.


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