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floridaSince I have resided for the last 15 (very strange) years here in Florida, and since Florida offers an abundance of interesting stories, I’ve added a category. And this becomes the very first post in the Florida category.

And since it’s the first, let it be dignified and not  snarky, so . . . been meaning to reference this terrific story by Jeremy Wallace which appeared here in the Sarasota Herald Tribune some days ago examining why the State, with its 14 million citizens, has almost no clout in DC.  It’s just a great bit of local reporting and analysis from a newspaper that’s struggling to survive, just like papers all over the country. And it explains a great deal about why Florida is the way Florida is.

3 responses to “Explains a lot

  1. You might also want to post this link to another source of FL pride – http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20090809/ARTICLE/908091068


    • Maybe I will. I remember reading that story and getting angrier and angrier as it went on. This excerpt says it all:

      “Outside of Florida, no other prisoner in the nation is serving a life sentence without parole for a juvenile burglary conviction.

      “But in Florida, Graham’s case is not rare. Records show that Florida has handed out more life sentences to juveniles for non-murder crimes than have all other states combined.”


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