“Damn you kids, with your Zima and your Dan Fogelberg!”


As an American(TM), I feel I have two major responsibilities.  Okay, three if you count “being snarky about politics,” but the other two would be:


-Paying Taxes

That’s it.  By Voting, you state your official decision on who speaks for you.  By Paying Taxes, you put your money where your mouth is.  If I have a personal manifesto, that’s it.

It’s just those two things you gotta do to be a part of the Great American Shouting Match we call Democracy.

PS-Think about the meanings of “Republican” and “Democrat.”  They both literally translate to “supporters of an elected representative body that speaks for its constituency.”

3 responses to ““Damn you kids, with your Zima and your Dan Fogelberg!”

  1. Welcome aboard pal! And, yes, you are correct.

    Finally found how to approve your post – it’s way convoluted. I see that we need to have something like “posted by Dorian’ and “posted by Moe” show up on each post. The category isn’t sufficient I don’t think. So I will look thru the templates and try to find one that has that feature and doesn’t look sucky.


  2. Is snarky really a word?

    Dorian, how do you define an independent? (Be nice.)


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