Let’s try this*

Is this thing working?

* Not original. First post by Duncan Black April 17, 2002

12 responses to “Let’s try this*

  1. This would be my first blog experience. . .did it work ? Are we having fun yet?


  2. I can’t seem to find out how to time stamp the posts – so since you’re new to this . . . the chronology is from top to bottom, i.e., the top post is the newest one.


  3. What do you mean ‘using this blog as an email?’ And maybe the time stamp is showing up on your page, but not on mine. Hope so.


  4. Date and time do show up here directly under “Moe says”. I thought blogs contained more serious thinking, not chit chat like us.


  5. Blogs come in all sizes. One of the most popular of the right wing blogs, Instapundit, rarely posts more than a sentence – but he does it 20-30 times a day driving his traffic stats up. There’s everything from what I’m doing right up to DAILY KOS, the original of the big lefty blogs. He gets $50,000 for a front page ad now – and that’s only for a week!!! I need to learn how to link from my posts -you know, so you can click right there. I haven’t fount how to do that yet. It’s all just warm up right now.


  6. Oh, yes it’s working even though we barely are. Just got our computers up and going after two weeks of being completely disfunctional.
    What a grand idea, Moe. You go girl.


  7. Have you read forward and do you like the picture on the header???


  8. and glad you’ve got computers back


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