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A light amusement for we persons with lady-parts

Girls, it does not get better than this. Where has Ann Friedman been all my life???? Brilliant. She calls this “International Slutty Women’s Day: A Story in GIF’s” and if you don’t go there and see the entire thing, I’ll never talk to you again.


What does it say of me that I am so easily amused?

Maru is back in tip top form which I define as making me laugh out loud (at 1:01). And does Maru not live in the freaking cleanest house you’ve ever seen? I think those trash cans have been polished.

If Mitch Daniels keeps saying no, perhaps . . .

Only The Onion.

No contraception! “Every sperm is sacred”

I think the recent Catholic objection to paying for contraception was not without merit on First Amendment grounds. But that’s the constitutional part. I am otherwise delighted to join in the mockery, so richly deserved.

This Monty Python classic has been getting a bit of play around the interwebs today. (Should I email it to the local archbishop I wonder? It might be okay cuz it’s not about lady parts.)

Best line: LM. AO.

Rememeber when?

Wow. Jimmy Fallon is quite entertaining

He does a damn good Bowie. Here is “Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ”


Ah yes, back when I was a young’un . . .

Been away. Liz sent this.