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Sunday funnies? Eh.

Well, apart from hearing David Gregory refer to Irene as “this monstrous storm” (while showing video of people actually outside in the rain) 24 hours after it was downgraded, I did find this:

Plus Bobblespeak will be up shortly (I hope). Meanwhile, want to weep? Sorry, I know it’s not funny, but neither is anything much right now. (same source as above)

Just another eight inches . . .

Shut off your dirty minds! That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m looking at this pix from lower Manhattan this morning, and wishing officialdom would do a little more thinking ‘outside the box’. Imagine if Bloomberg said on Friday that cars ‘below Water Street’ – or whatever marker he chose – that have no option but street parking, are encouraged to park on the sidewalks. Eight inches. Bet thousands of cars would have been spared the salt water damage.

Irene going up the Hudson?

Just heard from a friend in the mountains a few hours up the Hudson River from New York City. She said outer bands are already showing up and she’s got the kerosene lamps lined up in the kitchen!

We got number two! We got number two!

It's me! No, it's me!

Again. How many times is that now?

They hit the ‘publish’ key and then have a good laugh

FOX News is having fun again, alerting us to the fact that Obama is just  never satisfied. It’s always something with him..

President  Obama has declared Aug. 26 – which marks the 91st anniversary of the  constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote – to be “Women’s  Equality Day.”

In a proclamation published by the White  House Thursday, Obama said, “I call upon the people of the United States to  celebrate the achievements of women and recommit ourselves to the goal of gender  equality in this country,” according to Reuters.

(Congress decided that August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. In 1971.)

via Balloon Juice

It’s Friday, so before I forget . . .

Those epic promises, oh, the promises!

Not liking this at all

Aiming at NYC, Long Island and New England coast?